Standard anodes protect elements common to all boats (shafts, hull…).
Some anode models are specific to a motor or thruster brand (always refer to the manufacturer’s recommendations).

The anode must be in direct contact with the metal it protects : never paint around an anode or the anode itself.
Do not fit magnesium anodes on wooden hulls as it would deteriorate the boat structure.

Anodes deterioration rate may fluctuate according to the mooring area, water salinity, PH and temperature, potential electrical failure on board, and of course, the quality of the anodes themselves.
A good benchmark for replacement is when the anode is 70-80 % dissolved. Plastimo recommends to replace anodes every year when doing the boat antifouling/launching. In all cases, anodes deterioration should always be watched carefully together with the condition of the metal parts they protect.

On the opposite, anodes may dissolve quickly if they are bad quality or if there is an electrical failure on board (check the batteries, the right earth connection to the dock, the proper cathodic protection of your marina neighbours, … ).

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