About Us

 Gauci Borda is Malta’s leading yacht chandlery and flag manufacturer. As well as an importer and distributor in the wholesale business in the industrial, marine, hardware, DIY and home improvements sector.

Established in 1963 by the late Paul Gauci Borda, Myra Gauci Borda and her team of twenty-two dedicated and skilled employees have developed and grown the company over the years, currently in its third generation as a family owned company. Gauci Borda operates two retail outlets, in Gzira and Msida, a warehouse and distribution centre in San Gwann, as well as an online service; all providing an extensive array of supplies and services locally and internationally; and yet still to expand even further.



Custom Fender Covers

Fendequip fender covers are manufactured from premium, stain resistant, non-abrasive, loop knit acrylic fabric, made by hand. The fabric is extremely durable yet soft enough and specially designed to protect topsides from fender scruff and help avoid costly gel coat repairs

These fender covers can be made to fit almost any brand and model of fender, and are available in a variety of colours including black, navy blue, royal blue, red, bottle green, beige, light grey, school grey, dark grey, burgundy, taupe and other colours available on request.

When selecting your fender cover, you will also get the opportunity to detail any customisation you might require (boat name and logo).

Custom Uniforms

Through Dolphin Wear, Gauci Borda has access to all the major brands in formal, casual and outerwear uniforms. Dolphin Wear is known for their functional and stylish uniforms which are unique, customised and also could be made to measure in order to meet client specifications.

Splicing, Swaging & Rigging

Splicing, swaging and rigging is done in our Gauci Borda workshop, using specialised machinery and performed by specifically trained team members.

Splicing is the forming of a semi-permanent joint between two ropes or two parts of the same rope by partly untwisting and then interweaving their strands. Splices can be used to form a stopper at the end of a line, to form a loop or an eye in a rope, or for joining two ropes together. Unlike knotting a rope, a splice is capable of attaining a rope’s full strength and is done in accordance to client specification for both marine and industrial use. This includes mechanical splicing of both galvanised and stainless steel wire ropes and the splicing of Dyneema rope, which could only be done at Gauci Borda.

We also provide a swaging and rigging service for marine, industrial and architectural purposes.  Swaging is a method of securing wire rope with a permanently applied fitting or sleeve. The most common use of swaging is to attach fittings to cables; the parts loosely fit together, and a hydraulic tool compresses the fitting, creating a permanent joint.

Marine rigging comprises the system of ropes, cables and chains, which support a sailing ship or sail boat’s masts – standing rigging and running rigging. Architectural rigging is the use of tensile cables and rods as the primary load carrying structure which glazed facades, tensioned fabric roofs, suspension bridges and cable nets depend on. From simple balustrade and railing projects to more complicated load-support engineering designs, Gauci Borda is your leading source for architectural rigging. Blue Wave (Denmark) is our supplier, providing the best and highest quality accessories for the job.

Life Jacket service

Being a long time supplier of BESTO life saving equipment Gauci Borda are certified to service BESTO life jackets, this consists of pressure checks, cylinder and manifold examination. Gasket, seal and inflator replacements in accordance to regulations. Along with any further changes according to the inflating system being used. Upon service each life jacket will be stamped and a certificate of service will be awarded.


Custom Carpets

Custom branded, high quality french made carpets made from the finest textiles and nylon fabrics. Ideal for government entities, organisation and yachts that lead to the warmest of welcomes. Email your logo to info@gauciborda.com and we will quote.

The main advantages of our carpets are:

  • Retention of colours when exposed to UV
  • Durability
  • Washability at 60 degrees
  • Greater selection of colours


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