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  • EPIFANES Super Poly Boat Wax contains 100% pure Carnauba wax providing maximum protection against weathering and UV exposure.
  • This “once a year” wax is famous for its ease of use and its ability to resist severe pounding of (salt) water and exposure to ultra violet radiation.
  • The ultimate “Sun block” for boats, cars and mobile homes.
  • Suitable for fibreglass, metals and all painted and varnished surfaces providing a high gloss finish capable of lasting a complete season.
  • Also suited for varnished wood to create an extra UV filter for added protection.

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  • Apply thin coats only.
  • A thick coat is more difficult to buff out and does not improve protection or gloss.
  • Can be applied on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Apply the wax on the cloth not on the surface.
  • Allow the wax to fully dry before buffing.
  • Rub in a brisk, overlapping circular motion.
  • Refresh cloth frequently to ensure a brilliant luster.