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Fiberglass Cleaner detergent and stain remover in powder for fiberglass.

In a short time and with ease it removes dirt, annoying stains, traces of rust, fingerprints and black streaks, giving new shine to the gelcoat.

It is also ideal for use on non-slip surfaces.


Wet the surface generously with fresh or salt water (useful when you are in the harbor).

Distribute Fiberglass Cleaner evenly with our Medium Brush with orange or similar bristles.

Leave to act at least 10/15 minutes moving the powder slightly so that the surface remains covered and wet.

Longer times will improve its effectiveness.

Brush to remove dirt.

Rinse the surface thoroughly with water, preferably with a pressure hose to remove any residues.

In case of difficult dirt, repeat the operation, still using small quantities of Fiberglass Cleaner with water. In areas with persistent stains, apply topically and cover with a rag or wet paper to prolong the cleaning action.

For vertical surfaces, put a little Fiberglass Cleaner in a plastic container, add water and mix until it becomes like yogurt.

Apply the cream thus obtained with a sponge on the previously wet affected surface.

For persistent stains it can be applied topically with a brush and covered with a rag or wet paper to prolong the action. Rinse thoroughly with water, preferably with a pressure hose.