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  • ABSODRY 450 PORTABLE DEHUMIDIFIER is an effective on an area of 35m³ and can be used in garages, caravans, boats, humide/damp areas, etc…
  • Additional informations:
  • Area of effect: 35 m³
  • Endurance: 1-3 months
  • Weight: 450 g
  • Application: Normal spaces, Caravan, Boat, etc.

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  • The ABSODRY range is an effective way to dehumidify a space with various smart containers and special dehydrating crystals.
  • These absorb excess moisture from the air, which subsequently accumulates in the various containers and helps to reduce the risk of moisture, bad odours and mould.
  • The range is largely based on refill and thus provides an opportunity for recurring contracts and longer business relationships with your customers.