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ABSODRY REFILL bags are sold individually (per bag) and not as a box of three bags.


  • ABSODRY REFILL is also available with the scent of fresh laundry, which gives the space it stands in a fresh and refreshing scent.
  • A refill bag usually lasts between 1-3 months, depending on how humid the air is. This pack contains 3 refill bags and is packed in cardboard.
  • How to use it ?
  • Open packaging of the product.
  • Tear away the plastic around the cloth bag.
  • Open the lid of the humidifier.
  • Throw away the empty cloth bag.
  • Pour any collected fluid from the bottom of the container down the drain.
  • Put a new cloth bag in place – Refill on the perforated plate.
  • Put the lid on the dehumidifier.

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  • The ABSODRY range is an effective way to dehumidify a space with various smart containers and special dehydrating crystals.
  • These absorb excess moisture from the air, which subsequently accumulates in the various containers and helps to reduce the risk of moisture, bad odours and mould.
  • The range is largely based on refill and thus provides an opportunity for recurring contracts and longer business relationships with your customers.