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  • EPIFANES Wash/Wax Boat Soap Seapower is a highly concentrated wash that is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • It cleans & shines, reduces streaking and water spotting and will not remove the original shine as harmful detergent soaps may do.
  • Ideal for periodic application to maintain the “like new” look of your boat.
  • Excellent on poly finishes, fiberglass, metals, rubber and wood.


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  • By far the best product for regular washing of boats, cars or mobile homes. Unlike most other soap brands, this highly concentrated product provides a clean, water resistant and streak-free film without removing the existing protective wax layer. It even adds strength to the existing wax layer.
  • Wash-n-Wax Boat Soap is bio-degradable, pH-neutral and can be used on fibreglass, metal, rubber, wood and other types of (painted) surfaces. Epifanes Seapower Wash-n-Wax is very economical in use.
  • What it is:
    A highly concentrated Wash/Wax Boat Soap Seapower formula with a high quality Carnauba wax.
  • What it does:
    Cleans and shines the boat. Reduces streaking & water spotting while restoring the boat surface to a “like new” finish. No harmful detergents. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Use it on:
    Gel Coat/Fiberglass, Metals, Rubber, and Wood Surfaces.
  • Packing
  • 500ml. – 5ltr.
  • Application tips
  • To prevent excess foam, fill the bucket with warm water prior to adding Wash & Wax Boat Soap by Seapower. For heavy duty cleaning add more boat soap. To ensure a clean solution, squeeze dirty liquid from the sponge before dipping in the bucket. Work on small areas keeping the surface wet. To save time and water, dry the surface with a chamois directly after washing, Can be used in combination with salt water. Also suitable for cleaning teak decks.

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500ML, 5L