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Invisible nanotechnology protection for deck teak and wood in general


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Invisible Deck Protection is a specific water-based liquid. It protects the teak of the blanket and other types of wood that are kept natural without oil or paint, without altering its color.
Before application, clean perfectly with Teak & Wood Cleaner , if necessary repeat the operation several times to obtain a homogeneous colored surface.
Invisible Deck Protection must be applied to perfectly dry woods.
Invisible Deck Protection is based on nanotechnological products, it forms an invisible barrier that repels water and dirt.
Invisible Deck Protection, by exploiting nanotechnology, is able to saturate the pores of the wood without creating thickness, favoring transpiration. It has no odor, is not flammable and does not contain solvents.

Avoid application in full sun and / or with too hot surface. Apply the hands wet on wet without letting them dry to deeply impregnate the wood. Preferably use the roller, for narrow spaces it is advisable to use a brush.
To restore the protection of a surface that has been previously treated with Invisible Deck Protection, proceed by generously rinsing the affected area with fresh water or Teak & Wood Cleaner; once dry, an additional waterproofing treatment will be carried out. Shake well before use.

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