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Epoxy resin 10 10 CFS C-Systems by Cecchi is an epoxy structural system. This system is ideal for many applications such as in the marine, DIY, industrial and manufacturing industries. Ideal for carpenters, woodworkers and composite specialists.

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Epoxy resin 10 10 CFS Epoxy C-Systems by Cecchi Gustavo. This product is multifunctional, ideal for repairing, building, gluing, laminating, protecting, filling, inventing on wood and fiberglass.

This is an extremely versatile product and is ideal due to its fluidity. Additives are ideal to make the epoxy suitable for various applications that will suit every need. These include:

  • Wood to wood adhesion, wood to fiberglass and heterogeneous materials
  • Lamination of glass, carbon or kevlar fabrics on wood, fiberglass or other materials
  • Ideal as a structural filler of various film thicknesses using additives such as the Microfiller powder, Thickener No.2 or Natural or Mineral microfibres
  • Smooth filler or fairing compound
  • Primer for wood being transparent or also in an unpainted scenario
  • Ideal for osmosis repair
  • Ideal osmosis prevention primer

Does not contain solvents (CFS Completely Free Solvent).

Subjected to mechanical tests at the laboratories of the  CTS Experimental Technology Center  attended by RINA and other naval registers (Certificate RiNA report n ° 2015 / CS / 01/3108) .

Minipumps and pumps for this product can be found here. There are no micropumps for the 1.1kg as this is a can. Pumps are ideal as they help to dispense the correct quantities of resin and catalyst unitarily. Additionally, component A should be 100g and B should b 50g so use this at a ratio of 2 (A) : 1 (B)

Finally, this is a suitable replacement product for West Systems epoxy.

You can find technical data sheets in the following TDS 1  and TDS 2