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They are a very fine filamentous powder, with a low specific weight, white in color, which added in a small proportion (10-12% by volume) to the compound resin (A + B), slightly increase its density and make the bonding parts more filling like the locks, the joints, etc., and maintaining a greater quantity of resin, it gives it to the wood, which has the possibility of absorbing it and forming a more homogeneous and resistant joint. A greater quantity makes the resin spatulable even to stand vertically.
Natural Microfibres, are also used as a thickener for  C-Systems 10 10 Classic when you want this resin to be used as a putty. When you also want to “lighten up”, 10 10 Classic is added to C-Systems first, the white microspheres (in volume of 50-70%) and then gradually Microfibre Naturali in small quantities in several times to obtain the desired density. The mixture thus obtained can be used for the joints of the corner surfaces (using a strip of rounded plywood with the required radius, an aesthetically valid result is obtained), to fill screw holes, which have overlapped the wood, small flaking of plywood (a larger quantity will be applied and then trimmed with sanding), missing wood and punches and corners. It is advisable to apply the mixture thus made, above a previous application of the same resin (A + B) pure and applied on the affected part, for at least 10-20 minutes. If more than 24-48 hours have elapsed from the application, the part must be finely sanded before the final intervention. The natural microfibres mixed with “dry” in a ratio of 5 to 1 with “a quality” wood powder are ideal, with C-Systems to make the fillings in sight.

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