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Klingspor has designed their abrasive strips PS 22 K especially for hand blocks and orbital sanders with hook and loop fixing. Furnished with a hook and loop surface, the strips can be affixed to hand blocks and machine backing pads in one simple step. These abrasive strips are an excellent option for work on

  • Wood
  • Metal




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Manufactured in various lengths and widths, they are available in fine, medium and coarse grits as well as with and without a hole pattern. Klingspor offers the models with holes patterns GL15 and GL18.

PS 22 K – aluminium oxide on paper backing (E-paper)

The backing applied to the abrasive strips PS 22 K consists of an E-weight paper. Paper backings are grouped into paper weights from A to G based on their mass per unit area. Consequently, the paper used for the PS 22 K has a medium weight. The grain Klingspor uses for this product is aluminium oxide, which provides for high removal rates thanks to its outstanding hardness and toughness. Made synthetically, this material is distinguished by its ability to preserve its properties over a long period of time. This also holds true for all other types of grain that Klingspor selects for their abrasives. The grain used for the abrasive strips PS 22 K is applied with an open coating. This coating creates enough spaces to allow for a swift discharge of abrasive dust and chips.

The outer sides – hook and loop lamination and a top synthetic resin coat made of

Since the Klingspor abrasive strips PS 22 K have a hook and loop fastening system, attaching them to hand blocks or orbital sanders backing pads. This connection provides for outstanding machining performance and a uniform scratch pattern during sanding on wood and metal. Klingspor always uses synthetic resin for bonding the abrasives, as this bonding agent ensures a strong bond between abrasive grain and backing. It is characterized by a high adhesive power, in addition to many other positive properties. Another key benefit of this synthetically made resin is that its always the same high quality. Abrasives equipped with a synthetic resin bond are a prime choice for industrial application to ensure consistency of finish for large of workpieces being processed.

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RED G40, RED G60, RED G80, RED G120, BEIGE G180, BEIGE G240, BEIGE G240, BEIGE G320