Gauci Borda

Gauci Borda are distributors for Profurl products in Malta, part of the Wichard group, are furling system specialists. Designing, manufacturing and developing furling products of the highest quality made in France – providing the sailing market with high performance combined with safety and ease of use at sea. Offering a complete range of outstanding furlers for any type of sailing boat from manual jib reefing to electric furlers as well as the new flying sail furlers.
Additionally, Gauci Borda offer in-boom reefing-furling systems, continuous line or drum furlers as well as motorised by electric or hydraulic furlers for larger boats. Whether you are a cruising sailor or a race yacht, Gauci Borda has a furling solution and sailing equipment suitable for your needs.
Gauci Borda stock a large range of spares click this link for the 2022 Profurl Catalog.

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