Liros ropes are recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of ropes 100% made in Germany. Hi-tec yachting ropes, kitesurf cords, paragliding lines and a wide range of industrial cordage. Having built a new factory, Liros continue to manufacture ropes in Germany in order to control every part of the production from start to finish. The 10,000 square meter factor is laid with the most modern machines. Reaching maximum efficiency using both synthetic and natural fibres. This enables the production of innovative rope products. Maintaining Liros in a competitive position in the world of rope manufacturing. Ropes are made out of the latest materials such as PBO, Dyneema® and Vectran®. Constantly improving the performance of the lines by protecting against the highest effects of abrasion and UV degradation. Finally, Liros are certified and approved according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001. In addition, for more information check out the Liros catalog.

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