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  • ABSODRY 2000 DEHUMIDIFIER BAG is a bag of dehydrating crystals. It is ideal for larger spaces, up to 60 m².
  • The bag is 2000 grams.
  • To use, carefully open the plastic bag so that the refill bag is not damaged on the inside.
  • You then tie a strap around the top of the bag and attach it to the ceiling or around something sturdy.
  • It is important that the bag hangs without contact with anything for best results.
  • Place at least a 10 litre bucket underneath and then the bag can absorb moisture and drop it into the bucket without the risk of leakage.
  • When the bag is finished you simply replace it with a new ABSODRY PRO and the process continues.

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  • The ABSODRY range is an effective way to dehumidify a space with various smart containers and special dehydrating crystals.
  • These absorb excess moisture from the air, which subsequently accumulates in the various containers and helps to reduce the risk of moisture, bad odours and mould.
  • The range is largely based on refill and thus provides an opportunity for recurring contracts and longer business relationships with your customers.