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New Product – Tef-Gel : Corrosion Eliminator and Anti-Seize Lubricant

New Product – Tef-Gel : Corrosion Eliminator and Anti-Seize Lubricant

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The function of Tef-Gel in eliminating dissimilar metal corrosion is the elimination of electrolytes from entering the interface of the metallic surfaces. Tef-Gel paste contains 40% PTFE powder and 0% volatile solvents, no silicones or petroleum solvents to evaporate, which would leave voids for electrolytes to be drawn into creating a galvanic cell. When both surfaces are coated and mated with Tef-Gel there are no voids for electrolytes (saltwater) to be drawn in by capillary action over extended periods of time.

An example of such an application would be a bolt with nut or lock nut where the bolt would be tapped aluminum, steel or stainless steel and by making use of a mascara brush, bottle brush, or toothbrush to apply a thin coat of Tef-Gel to both the threaded hole and the bolt threads and tighten.

Another function of Tef-Gel is to eliminate seizing galling and friction welding of stainless steel,  and other nickel alloys.

An example of such a function would be Tef-Gel applied to both mating surfaces of nuts and bolts or threaded holes and bolts leaving a layer of 40% solid PTFE within the thread interface, which works as friction barrier. Tef-Gel, which contains 0% volatile solvents, will not evaporate, cold flow, or dry out, giving protection many years later when hardware must be dissembled.


– Available in 7 and 28 gr syringes and also 57 gr pot

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