PSP Marine Tapes

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PSP manufacture an extensive range of high quality marine tapes. From a modern production unit in Southampton the range is distributed throughout the world by a wide network of wholesalers and ultimately available to the end user through yacht chandlers and on-line resellers. Look out for PSP, easily recognised by the international flag code ‘Papa Sierra Papa’

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Example Products

Anti-Chafe Roll

Prevent damage to gel coat, paint and varnish work and reduce friction on areas of contact with sails, ropes and blocks. A tough low friction clear film for lamination to high wear areas.

Main Tales

Similar to telltales fitted to genoa luffs the Main-Tales should be fitted at intervals along the leech of the mainsail so that you can accurately trim the mainsail when sailing upwind or on a reach.

Dacron Sail Repair Patch

Two strong sail cloth patches to apply to either side of a sail for the larger repair. Now also in a range of colours for repairs to covers, dodgers and spray hoods, etc.

PSP Back to Back

This is an easy to use product for quick release with a hook face and loop reverse it is particularly useful for use as stowage straps, sail ties, bundling and many other applications, rolls available in black or white.

Silicone Tape

Our Self Fusing Silicone tape provides a reliable solution to leaks in water or exhaust pipes and a multitude of containing and sealing applications. Effective between -50°C and +260°C, it can also insulate to 8000v per unstretched layer.

PVC Tape

PVC to BS3924 flame retardant in 6 colours. For on-board electrical and rigging protection.

19mm x 20m – plastic core
19mm x 4.5m 24 roll display box