Marine Products

Anchoring & DockingAnchors, Chains and Accessories
Winches and Bow-Thrusters
Wire Rope, rigging & splicing
Ropes & accessories
Oars, paddles & accessories
Deck AccessoriesShackles, swivels & hooks
Hatches & portholes
Deck fillers & accessories
Watertight cases and bags
Bollards, cleats & fairleads
Boating EquipmentKnives, marine tools and watches
Sail repair
Windscreen wipers & motors
Boat audio systems
Locks, hinges, latches & handles
Exhaust systems
Ventilators & air grids
Blocks, camcleats & travellers
Sound-deadening materials
Steering systems & wheels
Engines, generators & accessories
MaintenanceEyelets & press stud fasteners
Cleaning kits, brushes & spray guns
Nails and fasteners
Lubricants, cleaners & polishes
Adhesives, threadlockers & sealers
Epoxy fillers & glassfibre products
Varnishes, paints & antifoulings
Adhesive tapes
Paint roller, brushes, trays & painters’ tools
Maintenance products for ribs
Electrical EquipmentNavigation lights & horns
Marine batteries, chargers & accessories
Interior, exterior lights and LEDS
Plumbing & SanitaryShower heads, shower boxes & mixers
Bilge pumps & extractors
Hull fittings & valves
Hoses, clamps & drainplugs
Drinking water systems
Waste water systems & toilets
Hull fittings, ball valves & connectors
Sinks, cookers & galley equioment
Cobb Barbeques
AccessoriesFuel tanks, jerry can & funnels etc.
Clothing, footwear, bags & sunglasses
Flags & flag poles
Outboard brackets & harnesses
Boat storage bags & fabric accessories
SafetyHorns & bells
Liferafts, life jackets & lifebuoys
NavigationalCompasses & accessories
Boat instruments
Meteorogical instruments
Distress & navigation signals
Nautical charts, books & navigation instruments
Fenders & BuoysBuoys, fenders & covers
Fendering & profiles
Stainless Steel HardwareU-Bolts, eye-bolts, rings & pad eyes
Pulpit, stanchions & rod holders
Canopy stainless steel accessories
Ladders, Gangboards, PlatformsLadders, seats and pedestals
Sail EquipmentWinch handles & pockets
Sailboat accessories