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Gauci Borda keeps in stock thousands of items which are used both in the marine as well as in the industrial sectors. These include a very large range of stainless steel fasteners such as various types and sizes of bolts, nuts, washers and screws, chains, wire ropes and ropes, paints, varnishes, anti-fouling and thinners, paint brushes, paint tools, rollers and handles, abrasives and cutting disks, cleaners, polishes, hose and clamps, ball valves and couplings as well as a never ending list of repairs and maintenance products for both the marine and industrial use.

Some familiar brand names include Rylard, Spinnaker, ROTA, Klingspor, Rotluff, Loctite, Joubert, Soudal, Peek, JCS Hi-Torque, Baggerman, etc.

The company also stocks many specialised marine equipment, spares and accessories from suppliers such as Vetus, Lewmar, Wichard, Sea Power, Liros Ropes, Allen Brothers, Osculati, Olcese Ricci, Boatlife, C-Systems, Marine Town, King Snaps, PSP Marine Tapes, Optiparts, Laser Performance, Polymarine. etc.