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Gauci Borda stocks, distributes and sells a range of home improvement products which are used by both the DIY enthusiast as well as people in the home improvements trade. These include painting accessories such as rollers, handles, scrapers, abrasives, fillers, masking tapes, masonry and twist drills, nail plugs, stainless steel nails and fasteners, all types of hoses including garden hoses and accessories, woodsealers, varnishes and paints and many other useful products for the house.

We also manufacture curtain aluminium click-rail to client’s specifications and stock a complete range of curtain tapes, rings and hooks.



  • Nails and fasteners
  • Chains, Shackles & Swivels
  • Eyelets & press stud fasteners
  • Ball valves & connectors
  • Locks, hinges, latches & handles
  • U-Bolts, eye-bolts, rings & pad eyes
  • Canopy stainless steel accessories

Ropes & Accessories

  • Wire Rope, rigging & splicing
  • Ropes & accessories
  • Rings, split rings & key-rings
  • Domestic chains and fittings

Plumbing & Sanitary

  • Hoses, clamps & drainplugs


  • Fire extinguishers, blankets & first aid kits

DIY Accessories

  • Adhesive tapes
  • Cleaning kits, brushes & spray guns
  • Adhesives, threadlockers & sealers
  • Epoxy fillers & glassfibre products
  • Lubricants, cleaners & polishes
  • Twist drills and drill sets
  • Abrasives & cutting discs

Home Improvements & Deco

  • Varnishes & paints
  • Paint roller, brushes, trays & painters’ tools
  • Polyfilla fillers and decoration products
  • Home improvement accessories
  • Picture, mirror & furniture fittings
  • Curtain click rail
  • Curtain tape, hooks, rings & accessories